Rowynn Dumont
Interview w/ Curator & Photographer Leah Gordon by: Rowynn Dumont (COOPH)

Fowl Play: 

An Interview with Kim Fowley and Brianna Garcia

By Rowynn Dumont

Camera and editing by Jorge Pallares

Trailer: "I Won't Give In" - Niceland

Niceland "I Won't Give In"

Lyrics by Michal Motyčka
Music by D NiceLand & Amak Golden
Produced & Mixed by Amak Golden
Mastering by Ecson Waldez

Starring Lauren WK and Daniel, a Ribiat 

Produced by Rowynn Dumont 
Directed by Niko Sonnberger
Story by Rowynn Dumont and Niko Sonnberger 
Cinematography by Tas Limur and Carlos Oropeza
Gaffing by David Michael Cortes and Valentine Malone III
Production Design by Sarah Taub
Set Dressing by Fefe Amazing 
MUAH by Fefe Amazing 

"I Won't Give In" by Niceland was shot on location in Los Angeles, California.

Juakali - Tha Chillski

Date Created: 11/2010

John/ Juakali (artist)
Skin Diamond (model)
Asphyxia (model)
Shiva (model)
Marianna Geisha (model)
Jasmin Rituper (key dancer)
Jaime Blakely (possessed dancer)
Drewbird (possessed dancer)
Old Man: Allan Barnes 
Young Child: Jane 

Sequoia Emmanuelle 
Drew Bird

Makeup artist
Megan Porschen (key makeup for dancer)
Mynxii White (key makeup and stylist for John) 
Morgan Panter 
Chelsea Still 

Tas Limur
Production Manager & Art Director
Rowynn Michelle Dumont
Carlos Oropeza 
Lighting Assistant 
Benoit Fouassier
Assistant One
Ashes Wednesday 
Assistant Two
Valentine Malone III