Rowynn Dumont
I am Rowynn Dumont, a New York-based artist, curator, and writer with a creative exploration deeply rooted in alternative spiritual practices, the intricacies of sexuality in art, alchemy, and decadence. My multidisciplinary practice is a deliberate effort to evoke profound emotional responses and challenge societal norms by navigating the complexities of human existence. 
This creative journey is a tapestry woven with threads of diverse influences and personal experiences, where my identity as a bisexual, poly Female of Cherokee / German descent forms the rich foundation from which my art springs forth. Grounded in my origins, I delve into themes of root magic, community, and self-expression, exploring the unique tapestry of individuality within the context of shared human experience.
My artistic vision is a celebration of our collective differences and shared similarities. Through my work, I strive to create a space where we acknowledge our individuality while recognizing the threads that bind us together. This ethos is not only a reflection of my personal journey but an invitation for viewers to explore their own connections within the broader human experience.
My art serves as a canvas for introspective journeys, inviting viewers to question preconceived notions and engage in critical reflection. A recent highlight was the successful solo exhibition at 86 Orchard Gallery in October 2023. This intimate and immersive experience offered a glimpse into my artistic vision, delving into themes that have long inspired my practice.
Currently, I am honored to participate in the group exhibition "KAFKAESQUE," curated by Dr. Otto M. Urban, alongside David Lynch, at DOX Contemporary Art Museum in Prague. Running through September 2024, this exhibition explores Kafka's influence through a contemporary lens, adding a new layer to my ongoing artistic exploration.

Photograph of Rowynn Dumont by Allan Barnes.