Rowynn Dumont
"My methods explore the transcendental quality of stories and myths and how they affect the human element. A common dialogical juxtaposition between taboo and sexuality is a recurring theme in my work." - RD
Rowynn Dumont is a conceptual artist, curator, and writer, based in New York. Rowynn is the Content Editor for the Austrian Photography Magazine COOPH. Currently, she is writing her dissertation (P.h.D.) on the topics of Vodou Aesthetics & Resistance. 
She holds a BFA in Studies of Taboo Religions & Sexuality in Art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Rowynn's work can be seen internationally in Nimbus at Vespertine (Shanghai) and The Fowler Museum (Los Angeles), amongst various other places. Please feel free to drop a line and get in touch!
Portrait of Rowynn by: Niko Sonnberger